Wind Power

Simply put, the use of wind power in Australia has been very successful. Wind farms in Southern Australia produced 26 percent of the area’s energy (roughly 3,300 GWh) between January and June 2012. (source:

One reason that wind power has become such a hit in Australia is due to a revised fraction by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO). AEMO revised the capacity of installed wind generators and raised the amount that is globally available at any time. Summer months have an 8.3 percent available rate while winter months sit at 7.5 percent.

There are a couple of reasons that AEMO has raised the global capacity percentages. For one thing, Australia now has more wind farms. There are 24 wind arms in Southern Australia alone and at least 54 throughout the country. The wind farms in Southern Australia currently have a total capacity of about 2,200 MW.

There are several benefits of wind power that Australia has recognized. Perhaps the most noticeable is that wind power is environmentally friendly, as there is no waste that needs to be disposed of in a special manner when building and using wind turbines. Wind farms emit very little pollution and any that they do emit will not cause the health problems that traditional energy sources cause for the population. In addition, after the tsunamis in Japan, it was discovered that their wind turbines were not at all damaged. This shows that wind farms are resistant to the destruction caused by earthquakes and tsunamis.

Although wind energy is still in the early stages and will take some time to catch on worldwide, Australia is ahead of the game and has shown the rest of the planet that going green is not a bad thing.

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